Waiter Jobs in Canada Visa Sponsorship LMIA Approved

Waiter Jobs in Canada

We need people who can work on dedicated servers to join our team. As a Server, it will be your job to give great customer service and make sure that all of your guests are happy by taking orders, serving food and drinks, and keeping the eating area clean.

There is a big need for foreigners to work as stewards in the hospitality business, and the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) can help people who are looking for work as waiters in Canada.

Details of Waiter Jobs in Canada for Foreigners LMIA Approved

Job TypesPart-time | Full-time
Visa SponsorshipYes
 EducationSecondary (high) school graduation certificate
Experience1 year to less than 2 years
Age Limit20 Years Above
GenderMale // Female
Eligible CountryAny Nationality 
Salary$26 Hourly

Work Responsibilities of Waiter Jobs in Canada

  • Customer service: greeting and seating customers in a polite and friendly way, making a good first image of the business.
  • Order Taking: Taking customers’ food and drink orders correctly, making sure they understand and writing down any special wishes or dietary restrictions.
  • Order Delivery: Getting orders to tables quickly, making sure the items given are correct, and making sure customers are happy.
  • Menu Knowledge and Upselling: suggesting menu items, talking about deals or specials, and convincingly selling more food or drinks.
  • Payment Processing: Payment processing involves using Point of Sale (POS) tools to quickly and correctly handle cash, credit/debit cards, and other types of payment.
  • Maintaining Cleanliness: Making sure that the eating area is clean and sanitary, including the floors, tables, and chairs, so that customers can eat and drink in a safe place.
  • Collaboration with Kitchen Staff: Telling kitchen staff about orders and what customers want and working together to make sure meals are made and served on time.

Skills Requirement of Waiter Jobs in Canada

  • Experience with Cash Handling and Cashiering: Be able to correctly handle cash transactions, such as taking payments, giving change, and making sure cash drawers are balanced.
  • Strong Guest Service Skills: Focus on being friendly and having the skills to give guests great service, making sure they have a great time at the restaurant.
  • Knowledge of Food Industry Standards and Practices: To stay in line and keep customers safe, you need to know about food safety rules, hygiene practices, and industry standards.
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene: Holding workplaces, like tables, dining areas, and bathrooms, to high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills: Being able to interact with people in a friendly way, meet their needs, and professionally handle any problems that may come up.
  • Proficient in Point of Sale (POS) Systems: Know how to use Point of Sale (POS) systems to correctly enter orders, process payments, and print receipts.
  • Upselling skills mean being able to suggest menu items, offers, or deals to guests in a way that makes their meals better and boosts sales.
  • Prior Experience in Food Service: It’s best if you have worked in the food service business before, like in a restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. This includes knowing how the business works and how to deal with customers.

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Benefits of Waiter Jobs in Canada

  • Career Advancement: There are ways to move up in the hospitality business, such as becoming a manager or taking on a specialized service role.
  • Competitive Pay: Fair pay packages that include hourly wages and tips, which can be very valuable based on the restaurant and area.
  • Cultural Exchange: Talking to customers and coworkers from different backgrounds to learn about and understand other cultures.
  • Employee Discounts and Benefits Employee discounts and benefits include discounts on food, drinks, and maybe even other services offered by the restaurant or businesses that are connected to it.
  • Employee Rights include being protected by Canadian labor rules that make sure they are treated fairly and have safe working conditions.
  • Gratuities and Additional Income Tips and other forms of extra money can be a good way to make extra money on top of your base pay.
  • Health Insurance: Being able to get health insurance benefits that cover medical costs.
  • Holiday and Leave Benefits: Paid leave days and legal holidays help you balance your work and personal life.
  • Language Improvement: The chance to get better at English or French, based on the region, by talking to customers and coworkers every day.
  • Networking Chances: Making business connections in and outside of the hospitality industry.
  • Chance to Explore Canada: Working in different parts of Canada gives you the chance to learn about its many cultures and landscapes.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: Some jobs in restaurants may be eligible for Canadian immigration programs, which can lead to permanent residency.
  • Safe Work Environment: Following safety rules and standards to make sure the workplace is safe.
  • Skill Development Improving your customer service, communication, and organization skills is very important in the hospitality business.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Potentially getting a work permit sponsored by a company, which makes it easier to legally work in Canada.
  • Work knowledge: Useful knowledge in a reputable field that will improve your professional credentials and job prospects in the future.

Waiter Salary in Canada Per Hour

Canada’s average waiter or waitress pay is $29,715 a year, or $26 an hour. Entry-level jobs pay as little as $26,013 a year, while most experienced workers make as much as $36,569 a year.

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Foreigners who want to work in the hotel industry can get a job as a waiter in Canada, and the LMIA will approve their work permits. With good hourly pay, tips, and perks like health insurance and chances to move up in the company, these jobs are great for cultural exchange and professional growth. Find out more about the specific duties and skills needed to do well in this fast-paced area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can foreigners apply for waiter jobs in Canada?

    Yes, foreigners can apply for waiter jobs in Canada with opportunities for visa sponsorship under LMIA-approved positions.

  • What skills are required for waiter jobs in Canada?

    Handling cash, providing great customer service, knowing the rules of the food business, being clean and hygienic, being good at POS systems, upselling, having worked in food service before, and having good customer service skills are all skills that are needed.

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