Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Belarus For Foreigners 2024

Jobs in Belarus For Foreigners

For foreign workers, Belarus is providing jobs sponsoring visas. International workers are welcome to locate and accept jobs in Belarus. You need a Belarus employer to sponsor your work visa if you wish to work there. Today, we give all the information on the advantages, prerequisites, kinds of jobs, and application procedure for foreigners seeking Belarus visa sponsorship jobs.

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Details of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Belarus For Foreigners

Host CountryBelarus
Visa TypeSponsorship Work Visa
Eligible ForInternational Applicants

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Belarus For Foreigners

  • Legal Authorization: Getting sponsored for a visa guarantees that you are allowed to work in Belarus. This gives peace of mind and removes any worries about operating unlawfully.
  • Stability: You can have more job status stability with a sponsored visa. You are less likely to run across unforeseen legal problems with your employment permission.
  • Extended Stay: Sponsorship of a visa frequently entitles one to an extended stay in Belarus. If you intend to work abroad for a while, this could be helpful.
  • Sponsored Visa: Some services and perks are only available to legal residents or employees of Belarus.
  • Employment Opportunities: A lot of businesses that sponsor visas are frequently looking for qualified foreign employees to fill particular positions. This may make job chances available that people without sponsored visas might not have.
  • Cultural Experience: Working in Belarus under visa sponsorship gives you the chance to fully experience the rich and involved local language, culture, and traditions.
  • Networking: Working in Belarus can help you to broaden your professional network by introducing you to new people and possible job prospects both domestically and abroad.
  • Career Development: You may be able to advance your career in some sponsored positions by taking advantage of chances for training, skill development, and other benefits.
  • Flexibility of Travel: Depending on the kind of sponsorship for your visa, you might be able to travel more freely in and out of Belarus for work-related reasons.
  • Possibility of Permanent Residency: If you show value to the economy or society of Belarus, working as a visa sponsor may be a route to citizenship or permanent residency there.

Types of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Belarus

There are various types of jobs available in Belarus for visa sponsorship.

Director of Product (New Products), Engineering Manager, Senior Data Scientist, Senior Growth Product Manager, Sales Ops Team, Senior Software Engineer in Test, Workforce Management Forecasting Lead, Senior Workforce Management Planner, Senior Product Manager, and Growth Product Manager.

1) Type B visa for transit

Travelers with Belarus Type B transit visas can leave the country without arriving for up to 48 hours. Short layovers or connecting flights are usually when it is employed.

2) Type C visa for short-term

Short trips for family, business, or tourism are permitted with a Belarus Type C Visa. Inside a 180-day period, it usually allows stays of up to 90 days.

3) Type D visa for long-term stays

Long-term employment in Belarus requires a Type D visa application. For extended stays in Belarus, usually for job, study, or residency, a Type D visa is issued. It permits stays by foreigners of more than ninety days. It needs a certain assignment or invitation.

How Can Foreign People Work In Belarus?

International workers in Belarus will require a “special work permit in the Republic of Belarus.” They can work lawfully in Belarus once they have a work permit.

Work Permit Processing Time

The work permit of Belarus takes 15 days to process.

Salary Package

A month’s average pay falls between 489 and 589 BYN. Experts, however, also earn 589 BYN a month.

Required Documents

  • Application form for visas.
  • Your six-month-old passport photo.
  • Evidence of health insurance.
  • Verification of your visa fee payment.
  • Copie of the applicant’s validated work permit.
  • A current passport that has one photo and at least two blank pages is good for at least ninety days after the applicant plans to leave Belarus.

What are the Requirements of Belarus Work Visas

Should the worker decide to mail the application, he needs to provide return stamps with it. Sometimes employees must also present the following documentation.

Applications from persons under the age of eighteen are welcomed. They have to present a copy of their birth certificate together with the identity cards of their parents or legal guardians.

Applications from those who were formerly citizens of the USSR or Belarus must demonstrate that they are no longer so.

How to Apply?

You have to look for a job in Belarus that sponsors visas first. Your Belarusian employer will extend an offer of employment. For employment in Belarus, you must apply for a work permit. Following receipt of the permit, you can apply for a visa to enter Belarus and begin employment.


For foreign workers looking for jobs sponsoring their visas, Belarus has a number of advantages and chances. Working under sponsorship in Belarus can be rewarding from legal authorization to professional growth and cultural encounters. Smooth application processes depend on knowing the kinds of visas, processing times, pay packages, and necessary paperwork. You can start a rewarding professional career in Belarus by doing the procedures listed and locating a Belarusian company ready to sponsor your visa.

  1. What are the benefits of working under visa sponsorship in Belarus?

    Working in Belarus with a sponsored visa offers legal authorization, stable employment, possibilities for extended stays, networking, professional growth, freedom of travel, and possible routes to permanent residency.

  2. What types of visa sponsorship jobs are available in Belarus?

    In Belarus, a number of employment positions—including Director of Product, Engineering Manager, Data Scientist, Sales Ops Team, Software Engineer, Workforce Management Lead, and more—can be sponsored for visas.

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