Visa Sponsorship Au Pair Jobs in Germany 2024 – Apply Now

Visa Sponsorship Au Pair Jobs in Germany

Germany presents an abundance of outstanding opportunities for individuals interested in establishing residence or employment there. Doubtlessly, becoming an au pair is the most advantageous way to gain exposure to a different culture. We attend to every aspect, including the identification of a network of relatives who meet your expectations and desires, as well as the processing of sponsorship and visa applications. Therefore, regardless of your level of experience as an au pair, proceed directly to the source to obtain more information about au pair positions in Germany.

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Details of Visa Sponsorship Au Pair Jobs in Germany

  • Country: Germany
  • Job Title: Au Pair Jobs
  • Accommodation: No
  • Insurance: Yes
  • Education: Diploma

Requirements for Au Pair Jobs in Germany

There are requirements that applicants must fulfill in order to be considered for au pair employment in Germany.

  • The minimum age requirement is 18 and the highest age limit is 30.
    Effective communication
  • Candidates should also have a background in child care, be dependable and responsible, and enjoy jogging with kids.
  • It is required of au pairs to help with minor household tasks and take part in cultural exchange programs.
  • They receive lodging and board in addition to a monthly stipend, and they often paint for 25 to 30 hours per week.
    Additionally necessary for Au Pair jobs in Germany are a valid passport and health insurance.

Duties of Au Pair Jobs

  • In Germany, au pairs are responsible for a number of tasks that support the host family’s daily routine and the generally well-behaved conduct of the kids under their supervision.
  • Unusual responsibilities of an Au Pair position in Germany include meal preparation, homework assistance, coaching instructional sports, and transportation to and from extracurricular events and school.
  • Furthermore, it is required of au pairs to assist with minor home tasks pertaining to the kids, such as laundry or room cleaning.
  • The Au Pair program places a strong emphasis on cultural exchange, thus even if au pairs also embrace German language and customs, they are also encouraged to share their own language, traditions, and customs with their host family.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Au Pair Jobs in Germany

  • Cultural Immersion: Working as an au pair provides a special chance to fully engage with the local way of life. Living with a host family promotes a deeper understanding of German culture by giving visitors a direct look at everyday living, traditions, and customs.
  • Language Studying: Language classes are usually included in the visa sponsorship package for au pair jobs in Germany. For those who want to get better at the language, this is a huge plus because they can take language classes and practice with the host family in a real-world setting.
  • Accommodations and Meals: Au pairs are often accommodated and fed by host families. This can drastically lower living costs, enabling au pairs to either save money or use it for other adventures while they are visiting Germany.
  • Possibilities for Travel: Au pair work frequently includes weekends and holidays off. This offers the chance to make use of Europe’s strategic location and well-developed transportation system to see not only Germany but also its surrounding nations.
  • Support System: Residing with a host family offers a pre-existing network of support. Host families can provide direction, support, and a feeling of stability, particularly for people who might be living overseas for the first time.
  • Childcare Experience: Au pair positions offer invaluable practical experience for people interested in careers in childcare or education. Taking care of kids abroad can be a fulfilling and instructive experience.
  • Networking and Social Connections: Au pairs can grow their social network by meeting other au pairs and locals, which is a common occurrence. This may result in enduring relationships and friendships that go beyond the au pair program.
  • Cultural Exchange Programs: Events and activities related to cultural exchange are arranged by certain au pair programs in Germany. These could be outings, seminars, or get-togethers that help au pairs and residents communicate and improve the experience of cultural exchange in general.
  • Stipend or Allowance: Although childcare and cultural exchange are the primary goals of au pair agreements, some families also offer a stipend or allowance to help with personal expenses. Having this extra cash support can be beneficial for the au pair while they are visiting Germany.
  • Personal Development: Being self-sufficient abroad and adjusting to a new environment

Types of Jobs

These are ten types of Au Pair positions in Germany that sponsor visas:

  • Conventional Au Pair: This includes looking after their kids, living in a host family’s circle of relatives, and assisting with minor household tasks. For traditional Au Pair arrangements, visa sponsorship is a given.
  • Au Pair Language Tutor: Moreover, some families look for an au pair to assist their kids in developing their language abilities, particularly in English.
  • Summer Au Pair: When the kids are not in school during the summer, families can also employ an au pair. This could apply to further outdoor pursuits and outings.
  • Educational Au Pair: To help with tutoring or homeschooling, families may also need an Au Pair with a background in education.
  • Special needs for au pairs: Families with kids who have particular preferences could look for au pairs with experience looking after kids with disabilities or medical issues, or with related entertainment.
  • Au Pair Cultural Exchange: To expose their kids to a variety of languages and cultures, some families might also choose a different approach and look for Au Pairs from particular countries.
  • A live-in au pair is comparable to a traditional au pair, but they obviously have more family obligations and are focused on offering full-time childcare.
  • Part-time Au Pair: Families with somewhat less stressful schedules can also search for a part-time Au Pair to assist for a set number of hours per week with childcare and household duties.
  • Au Pair for Multiple Children: Families with multiple children may also search for au pairs that are happy to look after a few kids at once or who feel at ease doing so.
  • School-Aged Children: Certain households might be specifically seeking an Au Pair to assist with college application processes in the United States and after-school athletics for older children.

What is the salary for Au Pair Jobs in Germany?

In Germany, au pair jobs typically pay between 300 and 1000 euros per month.

How to Apply for Visa Sponsorship Au Pair Jobs in Germany

Look for organizations or applications from professionals that assist with Au Pair placement in Germany. AuPairWorld, Cultural Care Au Pair, and AuPair.Com are a few popular apps. Verify that you fulfill the prerequisites for eligibility established by the Au Pair software and the German authorities.

More Info

  1. What visa do I need to be an au pair in Germany?

    Au Pairs will get a 90-day visa, which they have to exchange for a residence permit once in Germany. To get it, they must first register at the local office (Einwohnermeldeamt) and then at the foreign office (Ausländerbehörde).

  2. Is Germany accepting au pairs?

    Au pairs who need a visa to enter Germany are entitled to work in the country for a maximum of 12 months. The au pair contract must be signed for a minimum of 6 months; otherwise, it will not be acknowledged by the German Employment Office. EU au pairs will only need the au pair contract.

  3. What is the age limit for au pairs in Germany?

    If you wish to apply for a visa for Au Pair, you have to be at least 18 years of age and cannot be older than 26 years of age at the time of application. The duration of stay for an Au Pair is a maximum of one year. An extension in Germany or a second Au Pair stay in Germany is not possible.

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