Ireland General Employment Permit Work VISA 2024

Ireland General Employment Permit

Ireland is quickly becoming a top choice for workers from both inside and outside the EU who want to find high-paying jobs and an easy way to get a visa. With a booming economy, especially in the tech, finance, and pharmaceutical industries, Ireland has good pay and lots of room for job growth. Big global companies like Google and Pfizer have set up European headquarters in places like Dublin, which has created a lot of good jobs. Ireland’s low taxes and high standard of living also make it a desirable place for professionals who want to move up in their jobs.

The country’s easier entry procedures make it even more appealing. The General Employment Permit (GEP) and the Critical Skills Employment Permit make it easy for people from outside the EU to work in Ireland. The applications are simple, and the policies are helpful. These licenses not only make moving easier, but they also make it possible for families to get back together and for people to change jobs. With its rich cultural history, great education system, and friendly people, Ireland is a great place for talented people from around the world who want to do well in a fast-paced and satisfying environment.

The General Employment Permit (GEP) in Ireland is a key way for foreign workers to come to the country. Its goal is to fill skill gaps in the local job market and give employers access to a larger pool of candidates. What you need to know about the GEP is important whether you’re thinking about moving your job to Ireland or hiring people from other countries.

Purpose of the General Employment Permit

The GEP is meant to bring in skilled workers from outside the EU and EEA, which will help the economy grow and fill job openings in many areas. It makes sure that businesses can hire the right people when there aren’t any local options available. It also protects local job markets and upholds fair employment practices.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible Job: The job can’t be on the list of jobs that don’t qualify for work permits. Workers from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are available in enough numbers to fill the jobs on this list.
  • Labor Market Needs Test: The employer had to show that they couldn’t find a good candidate from the EEA or Switzerland to fill the job by doing a Labor Market Needs Test.
  • Minimum Salary: The job must pay at least €30,000 a year. But there are some exceptions for certain jobs and new college graduates. There may be higher minimum wage standards for some jobs.
  • Qualifications: The person applying for the job must have the qualifications, skills, and experience needed for the job. This could include things like education, professional licenses, and work experience that is important.
  • Employer Requirements: The business has to meet certain standards. They have to do business in Ireland and be listed with both the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and the Irish Revenue Commissioners (Revenue).
  • 50:50 Rule: Rule says that more than half of the people who work for the company must be from the EEA or Switzerland. The goal of this rule is to make sure that Irish businesses hire mostly people from the EEA.

Application Process

The GEP entry process is streamlined, but you need to pay close attention to the following details:

  • Prepare Documentation: Get all the papers you need, like your passport, a job offer, proof that you meet the qualifications, and proof that you passed the Labor Market Needs Test.
  • Submit Application: You can send your application online through the Employment Permit Online System (EPOS) . The system walks you through each step and makes sure you meet all the standards.
  • Processing: Applications are looked at in the order they were received. If more information is needed, it has to be given within 28 days. Processing times are different, but choices are usually made in a few months.
  • Approval and Registration: you must register with the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service (INIS) within 30 days of being approved. For more information on how to register, visit

Ireland GEP Work Permit Fees

That’s right! The price of an Irish General Employment Permit (GEP) changes based on how long it is valid. Here are the prices for different lengths of time on a permit:

  1. Up to 6 months: €500
  2. Up to 24 months: €1,000

To renew, you have to pay more. It costs €750 for up to 6 months and €1,500 for up to 36 months. If an entry is turned down, 90% of the fee is returned.

Bringing Family

You can ask to bring your family to Ireland after having a GEP for a year. Each person in your family needs their own visa, and you have to show that you have enough money to support them.

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Changing Employers in Ireland after Obtaining Your GEP

At first, people with a GEP must work for the same company for 12 months. Once this time is up, they can apply for a new GEP and change jobs, as long as all the requirements are met.

The General Employment Permit in Ireland is a strong system that meets the needs of both companies and foreign workers. It makes it easy for skilled workers to add to the Irish economy and protects and opens up opportunities for both workers and employers. To make the most of this chance, you need to understand the GEP’s rules and procedures.


The General Employment Permit (GEP) in Ireland makes it easier for skilled workers from outside the EU and EEA to come to work there. This is good for both companies and workers. The permit is meant to help the economy grow, fill skill gaps, and protect fair job practices. To get the most out of this chance, you need to know the GEP’s rules and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the eligibility criteria for the GEP in Ireland?

    To be qualified, you must have a job offer in an eligible job, pass the Labor Market Needs Test, make at least the minimum salary, have the right qualifications, skills, and experience, and work for an Irish-registered business.

  2. How can I apply for the GEP in Ireland?

    Get all the paperwork you need to apply for the GEP, like a job offer, proof of your skills, and proof that you passed the Labor Market Needs Test. Use the Employment Permit Online System (EPOS) to send in your application.

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