Security Guard Jobs in Ethiopia for Foreigners Visa Sponsorship

Security Guard Jobs in Ethiopia

Jobs as a security guard in Ethiopia for foreigners who can get a visa in 2024, Find out more about how to apply for unskilled jobs in Ethiopia. Pay: $40,167 a year, plus perks and a lot more.

More than 1,000 jobs as a security guard are open in Ethiopia for both foreigners and Ethiopians. One of the many job possibilities is visa sponsorship. Are you a citizen or visitor of Ethiopia who is ready to live without a college degree or work experience?

We’re excited to let you know about job openings on this page for both locals and visitors. Before you apply for security jobs, you should read the job description and standards to know what is expected of you before and after you start working.

There are many places in Ethiopia that hire security guards, such as schools, businesses, banks, organizations, and government offices. Security guards have different duties depending on the company, but their main job is to watch over and protect their bosses’ businesses, lives, and property by reporting anything suspicious or taking action as needed. People in Ethiopia who want to work as security guards must meet certain standards and skills, which may be different for each employer.

Details of Security Guard Jobs in Ethiopia for Foreigners Visa Sponsorship


  • Clear Vision, Hearing, Speech, and Writing: clearly means being able to understand what you’re seeing, hearing, and writing, with or without any help.
  • Physical Activity: Sometimes bending over, crawling, stooping, reaching, and kneeling, which shows a need for speed and flexibility.
  • Prolonged Activity: This type of exercise involves sitting, standing, and walking for long amounts of time, sometimes on stairs, uneven ground, or up and down hills. It tests your endurance and mobility.
  • Lifting and Movement: Up to 10 pounds must be lifted and moved frequently, and up to 25 pounds must be lifted and moved occasionally. This shows strength and agility.
  • Security Licensing: Security Guards must meet and keep up with all licensing standards, which shows they are following the law and are certified.
  • Patrolling: Walk and drive around the place to make sure that all of the security needs are met.
  • Supervision: Keep safety rules in mind and provide security and supervision for big groups doing activities outside during the day.
  • Monitoring Systems: Keep an eye on computer and video systems to see if there are any security holes or strange behavior.
  • Traffic Control: Help with traffic control during pick-up and drop-off times to make sure the changes go smoothly and safely.
  • General Security tasks: Controlling access, checking the perimeter, and responding to emergencies are some of the general security tasks that you may be asked to do.
  • Reporting: Tell the Operations Manager about any security problems, events, or worries you have.
  • Communication: If there is a security breach, give the school officials correct information so they can respond and fix the problem.

Specific Skills

Patrol Assigned Areas:

  • Patrol marked areas on a regular basis to keep things safe and keep an eye out for any strange activities or breaches.

Driving and Guarding Armored Trucks:

  • Drive and watch over armored trucks while they’re being transported, making sure that valuable goods is safe and secure.

Age Identification Check:

  • Check the IDs of customers or people who are entering restricted places to make sure they are of legal age, as required by age restrictions laws.

Enforcing Regulations:

  • Enforce rules to keep things in order, settle disagreements, and keep an eye on what’s going on inside the business to make sure security practices and legal requirements are being followed.

Preventing and Detecting Theft:

  • Retail stores should take steps to stop and find shoplifting and theft, such as keeping an eye on video systems, doing inspections, and, if necessary, arresting thieves.

Investigating Unlawful Acts:

  • Look into any illegal behavior by workers or customers, collect evidence, and suggest security systems or other steps to stop this from happening again.

Conducting Missing Persons Investigations:

  • Do investigations to find people who are lost, work with law enforcement if needed, and follow the rules for how to handle these kinds of cases.

If you are from Ethiopia or are a visitor looking for a high-paying job as a security guard, having certain skills and meeting certain standards can greatly increase your chances of getting hired. To see if you’re interested, we’ve added the pay scale for security experts and workers in Ethiopia. This information is given below.

Security Guard Salary Structure in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, a security guard or expert makes an average of 1,280 to 4,060 ETB per month, based on how much experience they have and how much the employer can pay them. This adds up to 31,200 ETB per year.

After looking at the pay scale, find the best-paying Security Guard Jobs in Ethiopia for both foreigners with a visa sponsor and locals.

Best Paying Security Guard Jobs in Ethiopia (Latest Security Job Vacancies)

If you are a visitor and need a visa, here are some examples of high-paying security guard jobs in Ethiopia.

  • Shopping mall security guard
  • Beach security guard
  • Farm security guard
  • Government office security guard
  • Public building security guard
  • Apartment security guard
  • Hotel security guard
  • Bank security guard
  • Estate security guard
  • Factory security guard
  • Office security guard

How to Apply for Security Guard Jobs in Ethiopia

More Info


Security guard jobs in Ethiopia can be very profitable for both locals and visitors who can get a work visa. For these jobs, you need to have certain skills, like being able to see clearly, being active, having a security license, monitoring, talking to people, and more. In Ethiopia, security guards make between 1,280 and 4,060 ETB a month, based on their experience and the needs of their employers. Some of the best-paying jobs for security guards are at beaches, farms, shopping malls, restaurants, banks, government offices, and more. People who want to apply for these jobs should read the job titles and standards carefully and make sure they meet the requirements before sending in their applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can foreigners get security guard jobs in Ethiopia?

    Yes, foreigners with visa sponsorship can apply for security guard jobs in Ethiopia. These positions offer competitive salaries and various opportunities in different sectors.

  • What are the requirements for security guard jobs in Ethiopia?

    Requirements include clear vision, physical fitness, security licensing, communication skills, patrolling abilities, and the ability to enforce regulations and prevent theft.

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