LMIA-Approved Plumber Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

LMIA-Approved Plumber Jobs in Canada

This is a full-time position with flexible work hours, so individuals who meet this requirement should submit an application. Those who perform well in interviews will be selected and able to commence their employment process immediately. LMIA has granted sanction for this position.

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Description of LMIA-Approved Plumber Jobs in Canada

Upon selection, the applicant is accountable for:

  • Drilling holes in the floor and walls to accommodate conduit fittings
  • Identifying the requirements for the piping infrastructure
  • Pipes are bowed and shaped to meet the necessary dimensions.
  • Servicing household appliances
  • Testing is conducted on plumbing systems to ensure their functionality and safety.
  • Cost estimation
  • Conducting telephone conversations and responding to inquiries from clients
  • Using welding equipment to connect pipelines
  • Utilizing pressure gauges to identify and resolve breaches
  • Guaranteeing compliance with construction codes and regulations

Ideal Job Specification

Obligations of the selected applicant include the following:

  • Possess exceptional verbal and written communication abilities.
  • Must be dependable and trustworthy
  • You must arrive at work early.
  • A strong team member is necessary.
  • Must be precise and customer-oriented
  • It requires a high level of diagnostic aptitude.
  • Consistent and frequent travel is essential.
  • It is imperative to employ plumbing instruments.
  • It is imperative to possess exceptional planning skills.
  • Requirement to be capable of multitasking

Benefits of Plumber Jobs

  • Job Protection: Because plumbing is an essential service and plumbers are in constant demand, it is a recession-resistant profession.
  • Comparable Pay: Generally, skilled plumbers earn competitive wages, which can increase with experience and specialization.
  • Possibilities for Independent Employment: Numerous plumbers have the option of starting their own plumbing enterprises, which can give them greater control over their work and earnings.
  • Strong Demand: There is an ongoing demand for plumbing services, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, which ensures a constant flow of employment opportunities.
  • Diverse Working Conditions: The opportunity for plumbers to work in a variety of environments, including homes, businesses, construction sites, and industrial facilities, makes the job fascinating and diverse.
  • Problem Resolution: Plumbers are frequently confronted with novel and difficult problems requiring problem-solving skills and technical knowledge, which can be intellectually satisfying.
  • Physical Work: Plumbing is a profession that allows individuals to work with their hands and see the tangible results of their labor.
  • Career Advancement: Plumbers can advance their professions by obtaining additional certifications, specializing in particular areas (such as pipefitting, steamfitting, or gasfitting), or assuming supervisory positions.
  • Lack of dependence: Numerous technicians are able to make decisions and solve problems on their own.
  • Continuing Education: Because the plumbing industry is in a constant state of change, plumbers have ample opportunities for ongoing education and staying abreast of new technologies and techniques.
  • The Pleasure of Assisting Others: By ensuring access to clean water and appropriate sanitation, plumbers contribute to the health and well-being of their communities.
  • Authorization and Certification: Typically, to become a plumber, one must obtain the required licenses and certifications, which can provide a sense of accomplishment and professional recognition.
  • Strong Professional Network: In the construction and maintenance industries, plumbers frequently develop strong connections with other professionals, suppliers, and contractors.
  • Physical Condition: Work in the plumbing industry can be physically demanding, thereby promoting improved overall health and fitness.
  • Possibilities for Travel: Particularly for specialized projects or emergency repairs, certain plumbing tasks may require travel.

Safety and Security

  • The individual selected would possess a criminal record.
  • The selected candidate would furnish an inventory of adult abusers.
  • The applicant who was chosen would be responsible for maintaining a record of any instances of child abuse.
  • The selected applicant would be responsible for the maintenance of an up-to-date adult abuse registry.
  • A valid driver’s license would be required for the chosen candidate.

Salary of Plumber Jobs in Canada

The chosen candidate would be required to work 35–45 hours per week and earn a salary ranging from $21 to $40 per hour.

More Info

  1. Is there a demand for plumbers in Canada?

    For plumbers, over the period 2022-2031, new job opportunities (arising from expansion demand and replacement demand) are expected to total 12,600, while 10,200 new job seekers (school leavers, immigration, and mobility born) are expected to be available to fill. them

  2. Can I be a plumber in Canada?

    The completion of secondary school is usually required. Completion of a four- to five-year apprenticeship program or a combination of over five years of work experience in the trade and some high school, college, or industry courses in plumbing is usually required to be eligible for trade certification.

  3. What is the salary of a plumber in Canada?

    The average salary for a plumber in Canada is $63,375 per year or $32.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $52,650 per year, while more experienced workers earn up to $81,364 per year.

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