Chicken Packing Helper Jobs in Dubai Visa Sponsorship

Chicken Packing Helper Jobs in Dubai

Helpers to Pack Chicken in the Dubai Freezone: We’re looking for committed, hardworking people to join our team as Helpers to Pack Chicken in the Dubai Freezone. This is a great chance for Pakistani citizens who want to work in the UAE for a stable company with a good reputation.

As a Chicken Packing Helper, you will be an important part of our business because you will make sure that our goods are packed quickly and to the high standards that our customers expect.

Details of Chicken Packing Helper Jobs in Dubai

CountryUnited Arab Emirates,  Dubai
Job TitleChicken Packing Helper
Job TypesFull-time, Permanent
QualificationHigh-School / Secondary
LanguageBasic proficiency in English is required.
Transportation Free
Age Limit21 Years
Experience1 year (Required)
VisaDirect Freezone Employment Visa
BenefitsAs per UAE labor law
NationalityOnly Selected Nationals
SalaryAED 1400 Per Month

Work Responsibilities

  • Packing: This means carefully and quickly packing chicken goods according to the standards set by the company. This could include putting the items in order for shipping, marking them, and weighing them.
  • Quality Control of all the packed goods to make sure they meet the company’s quality standards. This means checking the goods to make sure they are still fresh, properly packaged, and up to safety standards.
  • Hygiene: It is very important to keep the workplace clean and germ-free, especially when working with food like chicken. This means using good hygiene, keeping work areas clean, and being careful when handling products to keep them from getting contaminated.
  • Teamwork: Working together with other team members to meet daily planning goals. This could mean organizing chores, helping coworkers when they need it, and talking to them clearly so that everything runs smoothly.
  • Reporting: Telling the boss right away about any problems or inconsistencies. This includes problems with products, broken tools, or worries about safety. Reporting problems on time helps solve them quickly and keep the packing process running smoothly.

Working Hours:

  • Duty Hours: 11 hours per day
  • Break: 1-hour food break


  • Direct Freezone Employment Visa: Having a freezone employment visa is helpful because the processes are often streamlined and there are fewer restrictions than with visas that are tied to specific companies.
  • Accommodation: The company provides comfortable living arrangements, which make it easier to find and pay for housing in a competitive market like Dubai.
  • Transportation: Getting to and from work on company-provided transportation is easy and can save you time and money on gas.
  • Kitchen Facilities: Having access to kitchen facilities for making meals means that workers can eat cheap and easy meals at work, which is good for their health as a whole.
  • Additional Benefits as per UAE labor laws: These can include health insurance, perks at the end of your employment, paid leave, and other rights required by UAE labor laws. When you have these perks, your rights as an employee are protected.

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  • Nationality: Only people from certain countries may be able to apply for the job. This means that people who want to work in the UAE must have a passport from a certain country or area, as chosen by the employer or UAE labor laws.
  • Current Residence: Applicants must live in their home country at the moment. This rule makes sure that candidates can go to interviews, medical exams, and visa processing without having to worry about their residency status.
  • Language Skills: You should be able to speak and write English well enough to get by. This is important for communicating clearly at work, following directions and safety rules, and getting along with coworkers and bosses.
  • Health and Fitness: Anyone who wants the job must be physically and mentally able to do it. This means having the physical strength to do things like lifting, packing, and standing for long amounts of time. As part of the hiring process, medical exams may be done on the candidate to see how healthy they are.

How to Apply

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The Chicken Packing Helper jobs in Dubai Freezone are a safe way for dedicated people, especially Pakistanis, to work for a reputable company. This article goes into great detail about the duties, perks, requirements, and application process for this job, making it easier for people who want to go in this direction to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the job responsibilities of a Chicken Packing Helper in Dubai Freezone?

    As a Chicken Packing Helper, your duties would include packing chicken products, keeping an eye on quality, making sure cleanliness standards are met, working with other team members, reporting problems, and working 11-hour shifts with a one-hour break for food.

  2. What benefits can Chicken Packing Helpers in Dubai Freezone expect?

    A direct Freezone work visa, free housing, free transportation, access to kitchen facilities, and a monthly salary of AED 1400 are some of the benefits. Other benefits are required by UAE labor law.

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