Packing Helper Jobs in Dubai Visa Sponsorship

Packing Helper Jobs in Dubai

There are no jobs for packing helpers in Dubai, which is great for people who want to help. Full information is given along with a list of open positions. Those who want to apply must make a good CV or resume. If there isn’t a CV available, one can be downloaded from the link given. We’re looking for someone committed and willing to work hard to join our team as a Factory Helper. As a plant Helper, it will be your job to help with different tasks in our plant and make sure that daily operations run smoothly.

Details of Packing Helper Jobs in Dubai with Free Visa

CountryUnited Arab Emirates,  Dubai
Job TitlePacking Helper
Job TypesFull-time, Permanent
QualificationHigh-School / Secondary
Transportation Free
Age Limit21 Years
Experience1 year (Required)
Visa SponsorshipYes
Who Can ApplyAny Nationalities Can Apply
SalaryAED 1800 Per Month

Work Responsibilities

Assist in Packaging:

  • Help pack things according to the rules and directions that have been set.
  • Make sure that things are packed tightly so that they don’t get damaged while being moved or handled.

Quality Control:

  • Check the quality of the packed things to make sure they meet the standards and requirements for quality.
  • Make sure items are properly labeled with information like the name of the product, how much there is, and how to handle it.

Inventory Management:

  • Help keep correct records of inventory by sorting, counting, and arranging goods in the warehouse.
  • Update your inventory systems or databases so that they properly show what stock is coming in and going out.

Operate Machinery:

  • Following the manufacturer’s directions and safety rules, use packing machines and tools in a safe and effective way.
  • Do regular maintenance on machines to keep them running smoothly and keep them from breaking down.

Team Collaboration:

  • Work with your coworkers and supervisors to plan packing tasks and meet production goals.
  • Tell the right people about any problems or concerns you have about the packing process or tools.

Safety Compliance:

  • Follow safety rules and guidelines when working with items, packing materials, and machines.
  • To avoid crashes and injuries, make sure you wear the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow safety rules.

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  • Decent Wages: Compared to many other places, Dubai has generally low wages, so you can expect to make a good living there.
  • Flight: Being able to book a flight as soon as the job is booked is a great perk, especially for people moving from another country.
  • Offering Free Housing: In Dubai, housing costs can be very high, so having free housing provided by your company is a big plus.
  • Free food is another big cost that is taken care of, which can save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Free Sponsorship of the Visa: Getting a work visa in Dubai can be hard and cost a lot of money, so having the company pay for the visa is a big plus.
  • Paid extra hours: Getting paid extra hours can help your income a lot, especially when you’re busy.
  • fair Work Hours: An 8-hour workday, 26 days a month, is pretty fair compared to some fields where longer hours are normal.
  • Medical Insurance: Having your company pay for your medical insurance is a huge perk that makes sure you can get medical care when you need it without thinking about the cost.

Average Salary of Packaging Helper Jobs in Dubai says that a good packing helper makes between AED 1500 and AED 1800 a month on average.

How to Apply

More Info


People who want to start a new career or move into a different field may find it easy to find packing helper jobs in Dubai that don’t require prior experience. The article gives a lot of information about the job duties, requirements, benefits, and how to apply, which makes it easier for people who are interested to go after these chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I apply for a packing helper job in Dubai?

    Make sure you have a well-written CV or resume that shows off your skills and experiences that are related to the job before you apply. You can also get help by downloading a CV form from the link given.

  2. What is the average salary for packing helper jobs in Dubai?

    According to, the average salary for a packing helper in Dubai ranges from AED 1500 to AED 1800 per month.

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