Waiter Jobs in Luxembourg Visa Sponsorship

Waiter Jobs in Luxembourg

Do you want to work in a restaurant? In Luxembourg, do you want to work as a waiter or a waitress? Maybe you know how to make drinks well and want to work as a bartender in Luxembourg. Are you going to move to Luxembourg City? Do you have a degree in hospitality? You’re done with cooking school and want to find work in Luxembourg. Then this post is right for you. Today we are going to look at the restaurant jobs that are open in Luxembourg. Soon as we see the job ads, we’ll check out the hotel industry’s pay rates.

Details of Waiter Jobs in  Luxembourg with Visa Sponsorship

Jobs PositionWaiter / Waitress
Visa SponsorshipYes
Jobs TypePermanent/ Full Time
QualificationSecondary (high) school graduation certificate
GenderMale // Female
Experience First Experience (1-2 years)
AccommodationProvide By Company
Food FreeYes
Salary16€ Hourly

Work Responsibilities

Greeting and Seating:

  • Welcome customers warmly and seat them efficiently in a pleasant manner to create a good first impression.

Taking Orders:

  • Accurately receive and communicate food and drink orders to kitchen and bar staff.

Serving Food:

  • Ensure timely and smooth delivery of orders to tables, especially during busy periods, while multitasking other duties.

Customer Service:

  • Anticipate and fulfill customer needs, providing personalized and attentive service.

Menu Knowledge:

  • Explain menu items, specials, and drink options clearly to help customers make informed choices.

Dietary Needs:

  • Work with kitchen and bar staff to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences of customers.


  • Maintain cleanliness and order in service stations, dining areas, and tables.

Handling Payments:

  • Process payments professionally and efficiently, handling both cash and electronic transactions.

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  • Opportunities to Grow Your Career: There are many ways to advance in the hospitality business. You can become a waitress or waiter with more authority, work your way up to management, or even plan events.
  • Competitive Pay: The base wage in Luxembourg is high, but waiters and waitresses can often make more than that, especially if they have experience.
  • Programs to thank employees: Some restaurants reward and honor great service, which can motivate workers.
  • Deals for Employees: If you work at a restaurant, you might get deals on food at that restaurant or even any restaurant in the group.
  • Flexible Schedules: Waiter and waitress jobs often have open hours, which is great for students or people who want to balance work and life.
  • Health Insurance: A lot of restaurants offer their workers health insurance.
  • International Experience: Because Luxembourg is a global country, you’ll probably meet people from all over the world. This will help you see things from a different point of view.
  • Networking Chances: Working in a restaurant lets you meet and talk to a lot of different people, which can help you in your future job.
  • Training and Development: Some places spend money to train their staff, which gives you the chance to learn new things and get better at how you serve customers.

Waiter / Waitress Salary

It costs €33,871 a year and €16 an hour to be a waiter or maid in Luxembourg.

How to Apply

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If you want an interesting job with room for growth, good pay, and the chance to work with people from different cultures, you might want to look into becoming a waiter or waitress in Luxembourg. With the chance to get a visa paid for and other great benefits, this could be the best way to start your career in the hospitality business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the qualifications for a waiter/waitress job in Luxembourg?

    A high school graduation certificate, English fluency, and 1-2 years of experience are generally required.

  2. Do I need a degree in hospitality to work as a waiter/waitress in Luxembourg?

    No, a hospitality degree is not mandatory.

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