Seasonal Jobs in Netherlands for Foreigners Visa Sponsorship

Seasonal Jobs in Netherlands

A lot of people look for summer jobs in the Netherlands and other European countries because the pay is good and they can get their visas sponsored.

This article talks about seasonal jobs in the Netherlands, especially for people looking for high-paying work. It gives an outline of seasonal jobs that are open and describes what they are and how successful they might be.

Details of Seasonal Jobs in Netherlands Visa Sponsorship

Country Netherlands
Jobs TypeAgriculture, Farming, Poultry, Horticulture, Picking Fruit and Vegetable
Salary$14 to 30$ hourly for 40 hours per week
Qualification High School 
Experiences Not Required 
Age Limit 18 Above

What Are Seasonal Jobs in Netherlands for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Seasonal jobs are short-term, high-demand jobs that only exist during certain times of the year, like summer, winter, or the holidays. They can be found in many fields, such as tourism, hospitality, agricultural, retail, event management, and more.

During the summer, when farms pick crops like strawberries, cherries, and apples, there are a lot of seasonal jobs, especially in the farming business.

There are a lot of seasonal jobs in retail during the holidays, like retail sales workers and customer service reps, to meet the extra demand.

Seasonal jobs offer short-term work for people who want to get experience in the field and can also be a good way to make extra money during busy times, making them a good choice for people who need casual work.


  • Visa Sponsorship: Employers help foreign workers get visas so they can legally enter and stay in the Netherlands.
  • Chance to Make Money: Seasonal jobs give people a way to make money during certain times of the year, which can help them save money and cover their expenses.
  • Cultural Exchange: People from other countries who work in the Netherlands can experience Dutch culture, customs, and way of life, which helps people from different cultures understand each other and grow as individuals.
  • Skill Development: Seasonal jobs often involve doing physical work in farming, gardening, or related areas. This gives foreigners the chance to learn new things and gain experience.
  • Networking: Foreign workers in the Dutch job market can make professional contacts and networks that can help them get better jobs in the future.
  • Opportunities to Travel: If you live and work in the Netherlands, you can travel and explore other parts of Europe, which makes the whole experience better.
  • Work-Life Balance: Many seasonal jobs offer flexible hours and plans, which lets you live a balanced life and still have time for fun things.
  • Employer Support: Most of the time, employers help their foreign workers find housing, making sure they have a nice place to live.

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Requirements for Netherlands Work Visa

Before you start the process of applying for a Netherlands Seasonal Residence Permit, you need to make sure you meet the standards.

  • Valid Passport: You need a passport or another official travel document.
  • TB Test: Upon arrival in the Netherlands, you must undergo a TB test.
  • Seasonal Work: Your job must be in farming or gardening and not exceed 24 weeks, emphasizing its seasonal nature.
  • Income Requirements: You must meet the income criteria set by Dutch authorities.
  • No Illegal Stay: Applicants must not have stayed illegally in the Netherlands for the past three years.
  • Dutch Employer: Working for a Netherlands-based company or organization ensures legal compliance.
  • Wage: Your employer must pay you the standard wage as per regulations.
  • Housing Arrangements: Your employer is responsible for providing suitable accommodation and prioritizing your well-being while working there.

How To Apply For a Netherlands Seasonal Visa?

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Foreigners can find seasonal work in the Netherlands in a number of fields, including farming, gardening, poultry, and picking fruits and vegetables. For 40 hours a week, these jobs pay high wages of $14 to $30 an hour, which makes them appealing to people looking for short-term work with visa support. Seasonal jobs in the Netherlands can help you learn about other cultures, improve your skills, make new friends, travel, find a good work-life balance, and get help from your company in finding a good place to live.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What benefits do seasonal jobs in the Netherlands offer?

    Seasonal jobs can help you get a visa, make money during busy times, learn about other cultures, improve your skills, meet new people, travel, find a good work-life balance, and even get help from your company finding housing.

  2. What are the requirements for a Netherlands work visa for seasonal jobs?

    To get a work visa for the Netherlands, you need to have a valid passport, pass a TB test when you get there, work in farming or gardening for up to 24 weeks during the season, meet certain income requirements, not have been in the country illegally in the last three years, work for a Dutch company, get standard wages, and have housing provided by your employer.

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