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Personal Caregiver Jobs in Canada

We are currently in search of Personal Caregivers who are interested in working flexible hours, as Bayshore is expanding. Home and community care positions are available on a casual basis. Certificates for Personal Support Worker (PSW) or Health Care Aide (HCA) are acceptable; however, they are not mandatory.

Required Skills: Experience with mechanical lift transfers, peri-care involving catheter maintenance, digital rectal stimulation, and quadriplegic clients.

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Details of Personal Caregiver Jobs in Canada

  • Locations: Coquitlam and Tri-cities including neighboring area
  • Pay range: $20-$22
  • Availability required: consistent on-going availability needed
  • Languages: Cantonese
  • Company: Bayshore HealthCare

Every day at Bayshore, you generate unique experiences for your clients. A Health Care Career with Bayshore is the Perfect Fit for YOU if your calling is to “be the difference” by providing outstanding care.

Benefits of Personal Caregiver Jobs in Canada

  • Rewarding Work: Personal caregivers have the chance to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals who require assistance. Providing care and support to elderly individuals, individuals with disabilities, or those who are recovering from illness or injury can be immensely fulfilling and rewarding.
  • Job Security: The demand for personal caregivers is on the rise in Canada due to the geriatric population. It is anticipated that the demand for caregivers will continue to be robust, ensuring job stability and security for those employed in the field.
  • Flexible Work Opportunities: Personal caregiver positions frequently provide the opportunity for flexible scheduling, such as part-time, full-time, and live-in arrangements. This adaptability enables caregivers to reconcile their professional responsibilities with their personal obligations and responsibilities.
  • Diverse Work Environments: Personal caregivers may operate in a variety of environments, such as hospitals, community centers, long-term care facilities, and private residences. This diversity offers caregivers the chance to acquire experience in a variety of environments and with diverse populations.
  • Opportunities for Career Advancement: Personal caregivers have the option to pursue further training and certifications in order to advance their careers. They may specialize in fields such as pediatric care, palliative care, or dementia care, or they may transition into supervisory or managerial positions within the healthcare industry.
  • Competitive Compensation: Personal caregivers are generally compensated with competitive wages and benefits, which include healthcare coverage, retirement benefits, and paid time off. In certain instances, caregivers may also be granted additional benefits, including tuition assistance for further education or mileage reimbursement.
  • Professional Development: The role of a personal attendant offers the opportunity for continuous professional growth and education. Caregivers may participate in training workshops, conferences, or seminars to improve their skills and knowledge in the areas of safety protocols, communication, and caregiving techniques.
  • Emotional Satisfaction: Personal caregivers may derive emotional satisfaction from establishing meaningful relationships with their customers and their families. Strong bonds and enduring connections can be established by offering emotional support, companionship, and assistance with daily activities.
  • Community Impact: Personal caregivers are essential in enabling individuals to live independently and preserve their quality of life. Caregivers contribute to the welfare of both individuals and society as a whole by allowing clients to remain in their homes and communities.
  • Global Opportunities: The reputation of Canada as a provider of high-quality healthcare and social services draws caregivers from all over the world. Opportunities for cultural exchange, networking, and the acquisition of valuable international experience are available through employment as a caregiver in Canada.

The Work You Will Do

  • Deliver exceptional customer service to your clients in the community, while simultaneously delivering high-quality and compassionate care.
  • Personal care and activities of daily living are among the duties that may be assigned. Homemaking services, including cleaning, cooking, laundry, and general household administration.
  • Accompanying clients to community activities and events and providing companionship.

Why Bayshore?

Bayshore endeavors to ensure your well-being while you prioritize the well-being of others. Experience satisfaction in the pursuit of your passion. Would you like to return to the fundamentals of compassion and make a positive impact?

We will provide you with the autonomy and support necessary to pursue your passions, with the assistance of experienced colleagues and supervisors.

We provide you and your family with comprehensive company-sponsored benefits and competitive pay.

  • Chart your course: Manage your priorities and take command of your day. We provide work flexibility that is specifically designed to empower you. Choose a schedule that aligns with your lifestyle and the number of hours you wish to work as a Bayshore Caregiver.
  • Influence the well-being of your clients and communities by taking charge and leveraging your expertise to generate memorable experiences for your clients and assist in the development of more resilient communities.
  • Realize your complete potential: We are dedicated to assisting you in achieving the future you aspire to, and we accomplish this by providing a diverse array of employment opportunities, ongoing education, and access to healthcare professionals.
  • We are committed to maintaining a safe and wholesome work environment. In order to mitigate exposure to COVID-19, we offer personal protective equipment (PPE), pertinent training that is consistent with the development of health guidelines, and daily infection prevention screenings for clients and employees.

Who You Are

  • You are motivated to enhance the quality of life for the residents of your community.
  • You are committed to delivering exceptional care services to clients and possess a comprehensive understanding of community care practices.
  • You possess a dependable mode of conveyance.
  • You possess a Vulnerable Sector Check that is unambiguous or is willing to obtain one.
  • You are currently in pursuit of a Personal Care position and have successfully completed a formal, accredited caregiver training program, as well as a combination of equivalent education and experience.

Bayshore is dedicated to providing a safe and high-quality environment for our clients/patients and staff. New recruits may be required to submit proof of vaccination against illnesses such as COVID-19, Hepatitis, and Seasonal Flu, depending on the position they are applying for and the regulations of the provincial government. For provincial and/or position-specific requirements, please consult with the recruiter. Medical exemptions and any other requested exemptions based on the Human Rights Code will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

“At Bayshore Healthcare, our primary strength is our dedication to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.” This is how we convey our vision of making a positive impact on the lives of those we care for, interact with, and in our communities. We take great pride in fostering a culture of belonging that celebrates and embraces individual differences. This is achieved through programs, resources, and policies that support the purpose, potential, and well-being of each individual.

Bayshore adheres to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the relevant Provincial Human Rights Codes.

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  1. Do I need previous experience to work as a personal caregiver in Canada?

    While employers frequently prefer prior experience in caregiving or a related discipline, it may not be mandatory, especially for entry-level positions. Some employers may provide on-the-job training or require candidates to complete a probationary period.

  2. How much does a personal caregiver earn in Canada?

    The average caregiver salary in Canada is $27,899 per year or $14.31 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $24,375 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $35,100 per year.

  3. What qualifications do I require to work as a personal caregiver in Canada?

    The specific role and the employer may dictate the requirements; however, a high school diploma or equivalent is generally necessary. Additionally, it may be advantageous to acquire additional training or certifications in CPR, first aid, and caregiving.

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