Hotel Cleaner / Housekeeping Attendant Jobs in Australia Visa Sponsorship

Hotel Cleaner/ Housekeeping Attendant Jobs in Australia

Lizard Island Resort is looking for experienced cleaning staff to join their team. These people will be in charge of keeping the resort clean and in good shape. The best individual will have worked in a 4- or 5-star hotel or resort for at least two to three years. There is no need for education.

Jobs as a hotel cleaner or housekeeper in Australia can help you get a visa. For people from Other Countries You need to know a lot about health and safety and how to use chemicals for this job. You also need to be able to work well under pressure and pay close attention to details. The requirements for each visa class include work experience, the level of schooling needed, salary, and benefits. The job description lists the necessary education and experience, as well as the salary and benefits.

Details of Housekeeping Attendant Jobs in Australia

Job LocationAustralia
Jobs TitleHotel Cleaner/ Housekeeping Attendant
Jobs IndustryHospitality
Employment TypeFull-Time & Permanent
EducationHigh School / Secondary / Bachelor’s degree
Visa SponsorshipYes
GenderMale / Female
Age LimitMust be 18 or older
Work Experience2-3 Years Experience
Who Can ApplyAll Nationalities Can Apply
Salary$33 Per Hour

Requirements of Hotel Cleaner Jobs in Australia

  • Responsibility for Cleaning: The main duty is to keep different parts of the hotel clean and organized, such as the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, parking lot, and any other general areas that need it.
  • Knowledge and training: For entry-level jobs, specific training may not always be needed, but having cleaned before can be helpful. Paying attention to details, managing your time well, and being able to get things done quickly are all important skills.
  • Fitness: Hotel cleaners have to do a lot of hard physical work, like moving and lifting furniture and standing, bending, and kneeling for long amounts of time. So, being physically fit and having a lot of energy are important.
  • Communication Skills: You need basic communication skills to be able to follow directions and talk to your bosses or team members clearly.
  • Punctuality and dependability: Hotel cleaners must be dependable, on time, and able to work alone or with others to finish tasks within the allotted time.
  • Health and Safety Rules Must Be Followed: It is important to know the health and safety rules about cleaning processes in order to keep the workplace safe for everyone.
  • Legal Right to Work: Applicants must have the legal right to work in Australia. This could mean that they are an Australian citizen, have permanent residency, or have the right kind of work visa.
  • Language Skills: Being fluent in English isn’t always necessary, but it may be needed to understand directions and safety rules and to talk to coworkers and guests clearly.
  • Flexibility: Hotel cleaners may have to work different jobs, such as early mornings, late nights, weekends, and holidays. People often respect schedules that are flexible.


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Salary of a Hotel Cleaner/ Housekeeping Attendant in Australia

A average housekeeper in Australia makes $33 an hour, or $65,740 a year. For entry-level jobs, the starting pay is $55,083, and for professionals with more than 10 years of experience, the average yearly salary is $107,114.

How to Apply

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As a hotel cleaner or housekeeping attendant at Lizard Island Resort in Australia, you can get a good paying job with perks like visa sponsorship, discounts on lodging, and help with career growth. People with the right experience and a love for hospitality can do well in this fast-paced business. They can help the resort succeed while also networking with people from all over the world and having career opportunities within the Accor group.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the salary range for housekeeping attendants in Australia?

    Starting pay for entry-level jobs is $55,083, and it goes up to $107,114 for experienced workers. The average hourly wage is $33.

  2. Are there benefits provided for employees?

    Yes, benefits include ALL Heartist Membership for global savings, family & friends discounts, loyalty program rewards, career development support, networking opportunities, and worldwide job prospects within the Accor group.

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