Healthcare Jobs in Canada 2024 – Medical Job

Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Jobs in health care in Canada – There are healthcare centers in Canada that pay well, and you can even work as a health care helper. Don’t waste any more time.

You can use your phone to find the newest healthcare jobs in Canada and go ahead with the application process right here. If you want to make a big difference in healthcare, these jobs in Canada are perfect for you.

Medical jobs are in high demand in Canada, and people from all over the world want to work there. You can live a great life as a healthcare worker by getting a visa sponsorship.

Latest Healthcare Job Vacancies in Canada 2024

Here is a list of the types of Healthcare job opportunities in Canada. These Canada Healthcare jobs include

  • Clinical Administrator,
  • Hospital Administrator,
  • Director of Medical Services,
  • Administration officer,
  • Allied Health Administration Assistant,
  • Health Administration Specialist,
  • Health Information Services Clerk,
  • Speech therapist,
  • Billing Administrator,
  • Health Information Manager,
  • Medical Records Administrator, Clinical coder,
  • Medical receptionist,
  • Medical secretary,
  •   Midwife,
  • Veterinary nurse,
  • Veterinary surgeon,
  • Dental assistant,
  • Acupuncturist,
  • Psychiatrist,
  • Medical researcher e.t.c.

How much do health care jobs pay in Canada?

If you want to know how much Canada’s average healthcare worker makes. In Canada, the average pay for a health care worker is $90,000 a year, or $46.15 an hour. Jobs for new graduates start at $51,382 a year, and those with more experience can make up to $149,409 a year.

Which medical job is in demand in Canada?

The healthcare careers are in-demand for the year includes:

  • Pharmacy assistants.
  • Registered nurse.
  • Medical administrative assistant.
  • Pharmacy technicians.
  • Dental secretary.
  • Disability case manager.
  • Medical secretary.
  • Medical receptionist.

Healthcare Jobs Recruitment in Canada

Right now, these are the healthcare jobs in Canada for 2020 that you can apply for for free with little time, work, and cost.

Senior Health Information Management Professional- Geraldton District Hospital

Geraldton District Hospital is looking for a Senior Health Information Management Professional who is hardworking, self-motivated, and eager. The ideal candidate will have a great understanding of current medical terms, be familiar with CIHI/CCHSA, have a positive attitude, and be good at working with the public.

Medical Transcriptionist/VR Editor/QC-Mediscribes, Inc

Quality, taking care of people, and safety are important to Mediscribes Inc. We are looking to hire a Medical Transcriptionist/VR Editor/QC who is good with computers, has experience with a medical transcription program, and is also committed to their job.

Underwriting Specialist, Healthcare (Programs and Portfolio Management)- Aviva

Aviva is a Global Corporate and Specialty insurance company that is looking for an Underwriting Specialist with great business development and analytical skills, as well as past knowledge of the product range and supporting system. This person will be in charge of leading projects, analyzing complex data, and coming to conclusions.

Pharmaceutical Claims Analyst- Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health is a company that helps people with their health and social problems. We need the help of a Pharmaceutical Claims Analyst who is good at doing research, fixing problems, and using computers. This person will search databases and help with advanced Access programs.

Healthcare Administrator- Integra Health Centre

Integra Health Centre is looking for a Health Care Administrator who is self-motivated, full of energy, and has experience working with customers. This person will help with administrative tasks, answer client calls, and set up appointments.

Clerical Support Associate Cardiology- Humber River Hospital

Diversity and equality are important to the people who work at Number River Hospital. A Clerical Support Associate with good people skills, good organizational skills, and knowledge with MEDITECH computers is needed right now. This person will be in charge of clerical support, customer service, and working with other departments.

Clinical Assistant- LASIK MD

Laser Sight Correction (LASIK MD) is a national company whose goal is to help people see clearly by offering safe and cheap procedures. We need to hire a clinical assistant to help with pre-op tests and keep the system for patients’ appointments up to date.

Personal Support Worker (PSW)-Bayshore Health Care

Home care company Bayshore Health Care puts health and safety first in everything they do. We are looking for a Personal Support Worker who is passionate about their job, driven to succeed, and has access to a safe car or public transportation.

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Competitive Salaries

  • Nurses and other healthcare workers in Canada usually get good pay that matches their skills and experience.

Job Security

  • Healthcare services are always in high demand, which gives medical workers job security and stability.

Comprehensive Benefits Packages

  • A lot of jobs in healthcare come with a lot of perks, like health insurance, dental coverage, pension plans, and paid time off.

Career Advancement Opportunities

  • There are many ways to move up in your job in the healthcare field through additional education, certifications, and specialized training.

Work-Life Balance

  • There are a lot of healthcare jobs in Canada that offer flexible hours, part-time work, and different shifts to fit different lives.

Advanced Technology and Facilities

  • Canada is known for having high standards for healthcare facilities and using cutting edge medical equipment. This makes it easy for doctors and nurses to do their jobs well.

Diverse Work Environment

  • Working in Canada’s multicultural culture gives healthcare workers the chance to work with a wide range of patients.

Professional Development

  • Workshops, seminars, and classes are all good ways for healthcare workers to keep up with the latest medical advances and encourage them to keep improving their skills.

Pathway to Permanent Residency

  • There are ways for healthcare workers to enter Canada legally and become permanent residents, which makes it easier for them to settle down.

Supportive Work Environment

  • A supportive work atmosphere, teamwork, and employee well-being are often emphasized by Canadian healthcare institutions.

High Standards of Patient Care

  • It can be professionally satisfying and rewarding to work in a country that is known for having high standards for patient care.

Contribution to Community Health

  • In Canada, people who work in health care can make big differences in the health and well-being of communities, which improves public health results.


Within Canada’s healthcare industry, there are many satisfying job openings with good pay and lots of extras. No matter how much experience you have as a healthcare worker or how new you are to the field, Canada is a great place to work. Canada has high standards for patient care, cutting edge technology, and a wide range of work environments. If you want to work in healthcare, you can have a happy and successful life. Use visa support and the large number of job openings in 2024 to make a big difference in the health and well-being of your community. Send in your application today to begin your path to a rewarding job in healthcare in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do healthcare jobs pay in Canada?

    In Canada, the average salary for a healthcare worker is about $90,000 per year. Entry-level jobs start at about $51,382 per year, and experienced pros can make up to $149,409 per year.

  • Which medical jobs are in high demand in Canada?

    In-demand healthcare careers in Canada include Pharmacy Assistants, Registered Nurses, Medical Administrative Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, Dental Secretaries, Disability Case Managers, Medical Secretaries, and Medical Receptionists.

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