Cleaner Jobs in Singapore with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Cleaner Jobs in Singapore

Cleaner Jobs in Singapore: Hi everyone! If you’re looking for work in Singapore, you might be interested to know that people are actively hiring for cleaning and housekeeping jobs. Singapore is a great place to live and work, and the cleaning and housekeeping business is no different.

This piece will talk about the different kinds of housekeeping and cleaning jobs you can get in Singapore as a foreign worker, along with the pay and benefits, as well as the skills and requirements.

You can choose from six housekeeping and cleaning jobs in Singapore. part-time jobs cleaning and taking care of homes. Hotels, resorts, private homes, and businesses often have these kinds of jobs open. Cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, and other general cleaning chores make up most of these jobs.

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Details of Cleaner Jobs in Singapore with Visa Sponsorship

Country Singapore
Work LocationMultiple Locations
Jobs TitleCleaner
GenderMale // Female
Visa SponsorshipYes
Jobs TypeFull-time // Part-time
QualificationHigh School
Experience No
Age LimitNo
Eligibility CountryWorldwide
Salary€14-25 Hourly

Benefits of Cleaner Jobs in Singapore

  • Experience with Other Cultures: Working in Singapore puts you in a diverse setting where you can meet people from different backgrounds and learn about their ways of life.
  • Diverse Workplaces: Cleaners often work in a variety of places, like businesses, homes, malls, and public places. This gives them experience with a range of workplaces.
  • Healthcare Benefits: To make sure their workers are healthy, most employers offer healthcare benefits like medical insurance.
  • Employment Security: In Singapore, jobs as a cleaners often offer stability and long-term employment possibilities, which helps with employment security.
  • No Formal Education Requirement: Many cleaning jobs don’t require formal education, so people from a wide range of school backgrounds can apply.
  • Opportunities at the Entry Level: Many cleaner jobs are entry-level jobs that help people start their careers and gain important work experience.
  • Pay: Jobs as a cleaner in Singapore usually pay a good wage that meets the country’s standards. However, pay can change depending on experience and employer.
  • Stable Employment: Cleaners are necessary workers, and people always need their services, so they can always find work.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Employers can help suitable foreign workers get work visas, which makes it easier for them to legally work in Singapore.


  • In charge of general cleaning around and inside the factory building.
  • Cleans the floors and rooms of the office by washing, vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning the doors, glass walls, and windows.
  • Cleans toilets by putting toilet paper and soap in dispensers, clearing trash cans, washing toilet bowls and urinals, mopping and washing toilet floors, cleaning sinks and mirrors, and so on.
  • Empties trash and garbage cans and wipes down desks, chairs, tables, and other office furniture, among other things.
  • Cleaning up all touch spots and work areas, such as door handles, desks, switches, buttons, handrails, and more.
  • Common places like pantries, hallways, lobbies, and stairs should always be clean.
  • As needed or given, do extra cleaning tasks like washing dishes and restocking the snacks and drinks.

Cleaner Jobs Salary in  Singapore for Foreigners

In Singapore, the average pay for a cleaner is €14 an hour, or €1,600 to €2,500 a month.

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In Singapore, jobs as a cleaners offer a stable and varied work setting with good pay and benefits. Jobs are available in a wide range of fields, whether you’re looking for full-time or part-time work. These entry-level jobs don’t require a college degree, but they do offer useful work experience and the chance to meet people from other countries.

  1. What types of cleaner jobs are available in Singapore?

    You can choose from six types, including part-time roles in homes, hotels, resorts, private establishments, and businesses.

  2. What is the salary range for cleaner jobs in Singapore?

    The average pay ranges from €14 per hour to €1,600 to €2,500 per month, depending on experience and employer.

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