Canadian Recruitment Agencies Providing Visa Sponsorship 2024

Canadian Recruitment Agencies Providing Visa Sponsorship

Canada’s strong economy and wide range of jobs make it a popular place for people looking for work around the world. The country is currently short on workers, which is good news for people from other countries who want to work and have the chance to become permanent residents.

It’s not enough to just find a job in Canada; you need to find the right chance that fits your skills and goals. They are your key to success in the Canadian job market. The recruitment companies in this guide are not just middlemen. These groups want to make it as easy as possible for you to start working in Canada. They can help you get a visa and put you in touch with companies who want professionals like you.

This guide looks at the best Canadian employment agencies that can help people get visas. It gives people who want to start a job in Canada useful information.

Canadian Recruitment Agencies Providing Visa Sponsorship

AngusOne Staffing: Your Bridge to Western Canada

AngusOne Staffing is a Vancouver-based company that helps talented people from all kinds of businesses find work all over Western Canada.. ( More Information )

Goldbeck Recruiting: Shaping Specialized Workforces

G. Beck Recruiting is known for filling difficult jobs that need specific skills, knowledge of the business, and expertise. Their hiring process usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks.. ( More Information )

TM8 Recruitment: Tailored Recruitment Solutions

TM8 Recruitment specializes in hiring people for sales and IT jobs. They work with a wide range of businesses and help candidates from the US and other countries find jobs that match their skills and interests.. ( More Information )

Global Hire: Your Immigration Consultant in Canada

Global Hire helps companies hire people from all over the world to fill open positions. They also help people from other countries who are looking for work or ways to move to Canada.. ( More Information )

Hays: A Leading Specialist Recruitment Firm

Hays is a global staffing company that is known for finding skilled workers for a wide range of fields, such as the public and private sectors. They are also great at hiring people from other countries. ( More Information )

Renard International Hospitality Search Agencies: Pioneers in Hospitality

There are offices of Renard International in over 56 countries, and they do executive searches for the tourism and legal cannabis businesses.. ( More Information )

Canada Staffing Consultant Ltd: Connecting Talent to Corporations

Companies in the Fortune 500 and small to medium-sized businesses can hire highly skilled people through Canada Staffing Consultant Ltd. ( More Information )

Cowan International: Linking Global Opportunities

Cowan International has a long history of matching job openings with qualified people in the engineering, building, and resource industries. ( More Information )

Work Global Canada: A Global Recruiting Network

Work Global Canada has offices in St. John’s and works with recruiters from around the world to help find foreign workers for a wide range of businesses.( More Information )

Canada Connect: Your Immigration Advisory Partner

Canada Connect, which is based in Winnipeg, gives professional opinions and help on immigration issues, such as Express Entry for skilled workers and business immigrants.. ( More Information )

Securing a Job in Canada as a Foreigner

People from other countries need to get a work permit in order to properly work in Canada. The following steps make up the process:

Offer of Work: Before you apply for a work permit, you must have a job offer from a Canadian company.
Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)” To show that they need a foreign worker, the company sends an LMIA application to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).
Visa Application:, you must first get a work pass from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or a Canadian visa office.

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Benefits of Recruitment Agencies

  • Access to a Large Talent Pool: Staffing firms can choose from a large group of applicants who have a wide range of skills, certificates, and experiences. This makes it easier for employers to find good candidates, even those who aren’t actively looking for work but are open to new possibilities.
  • Knowledge of a Specific Industry: A lot of employment agencies focus on certain industries or sectors. This lets them know a lot about trends in those industries, how the job market works, and what candidates want. Employers can use this knowledge to find people who are a good fit for their company.
  • Time and Money Savings: Hiring a professional agency instead of doing the search, screening, interviews, and evaluations of prospects saves employers time and money. This lets companies focus on their main tasks while the service takes care of the hiring process.
  • Efficient Screening and Selection: To make shortlists of candidates based on job requirements, skills, experience, and cultural fit, recruitment agencies use strict screening and selection methods. This makes sure that companies get qualified people who are likely to do well in the job.
  • Access to Passive Candidates: Staffing firms have networks and tools that let them reach passive candidates—people who aren’t actively looking for work but might be interested in good chances. This makes the pool of ability bigger and raises the chances of finding the best people.
  • Confidentiality and Discretion: When employers need the hiring process to be kept secret, employment agencies can handle sensitive information properly and with discretion, protecting the privacy of both employers and candidates.
  • Negotiation and Management of Offers: Recruitment agencies often help with pay negotiations, management of offers, and the hiring process, making sure that everything goes smoothly from choosing a candidate to starting work.
  • Temporary and Contract Staffing: Recruitment companies do more than just find permanent jobs. They also offer temporary and contract staffing, which gives employers the freedom to meet short-term staffing needs or project-based needs.
  • Market Insights and Benchmarking: Staffing firms can give employers useful market insights, salary benchmarking data, and research of industry trends. This helps them make smart choices about hiring strategies, pay packages, and how to find and hire talented people.
  • Long-term Partnerships: Teaming up with a trustworthy staffing service for a long time creates a working relationship based on trust, dependability, and mutual benefit. Employers can depend on the agency’s knowledge to help them with their ongoing hiring needs and strategies for finding great employees.

Recruitment Agencies Fees

Usually, recruitment fees are based on a percentage of the first year’s pay of the hired person, usually between 15% and 25%.


There are a lot of job chances in Canada for people from other countries, and recruitment agencies are very important for matching people with good jobs. Canada is currently in need of workers, so now is a great time for people from other countries to look into the possibility of moving there and working.

By working with reputable recruitment companies, job seekers can find a lot of job opportunities, get advice on the industry, and figure out how to get work permits and visas. Canada has a lot of job possibilities for people who want to start over in this friendly country, whether they want to work as a professional or in agriculture.

  1. How do recruitment agencies charge fees for their services?

    Recruitment companies usually charge fees that are between 15% and 25% of the person they hire’s first year’s pay.

  2. What is the process of securing a job in Canada as a foreigner?

    Getting a job offer, a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), and an application for a work pass from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or a Canadian visa office are all parts of the process.

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