Australia Temporary Skill Shortage Visa subclass 482 – How to Get

Australia Temporary Skill Shortage Visa subclass 482

In situations where Australian companies are unable to fill positions with suitably qualified workers, they may apply for a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482). With the primary objective of prioritizing Australian workers, this visa is designed to aid organizations in filling critical skill voids. Home Affairs, Immigration, Australia

The primary beneficiaries of the TSS 482 visa are employers, as it empowers them to supplement skill deficiencies in their workforce with proficient foreign personnel. This feature offers a distinct benefit, particularly in sectors grappling with labor scarcities, as it enables enterprises to sustain their activities uninterrupted.

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Understanding Australia Temporary Skill Shortage Visa subclass 482: Pathways, Sponsorship, and Health Insurance

Three streams under Visa 482:

  • Employers may hire individuals for positions on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) for a maximum of two years; this period can be extended to four years in the event that an international trade duty is applicable. Visa fees commence at $1,455.00 AUD.
  • Medium-Term Stream: Occupations on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Regional Occupation List (ROL) are eligible for a four-year residency under this stream. Visa fees commence at 3,035.00 AUD.
  • The Labour Agreement Stream grants companies the ability to recruit employees in adherence to a labor agreement established with the Australian government, subject to a four-year maximum stay. The cost is contingent upon the specific arrangement. Visa fees commence at 3,035.00 AUD.

Limitations and advantages are distinct for each stream, including the duration of stay, qualifications for permanent residency, and eligible professions for nomination. In addition to adhering to salary thresholds and labor market testing regulations, employers are obligated to ensure that Australian workers are given precedence over their overseas counterparts.

Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa requirements: 482

The purpose of this visa is to assist Australian companies in mitigating labor shortages by facilitating the entry of qualified foreign laborers into the country when those in Australia are unemployed. A concise synopsis of the prerequisites pertaining to both organizations and personnel follows:

For employers (sponsors):

  • ABN Registration Certificate: Evidence that the business is operating legally in Australia.
  • Business Names Extract: An entry containing the registered name of the company.
  • Financial Reports: The profit and loss statement and balance sheet from the prior fiscal year are included in the financial reports.
  • Quarterly Business Activity Statements (BAS) provide information for the four preceding quarters.
  • Organizational Chart: A diagram illustrating the structure of a business.
  • Marketing and sales credentials consist of promotional materials, advertisements, and more.
  • Expansion Strategies: An overview of corporate development initiatives.
  • Nomination Documents: An organizational chart, employment contract, letter of support from an accountant, market salary report, Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) Levy payment, Labour Market Testing (LMT) requirement, and genuine position report are examples of nomination documents.

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For employees (visa applicants):

  • Valid passports possess an appropriate duration of validity.
  • Professional references, degrees, and certificates all function as evidence of one’s competencies and credentials.
  • Documentation attesting to the fulfillment of the English language proficiency criterion.
  • Evidence of sufficient medical coverage that remains valid throughout the visitor’s sojourn in Australia.
  • Certificates of Character: Police certifications from all nations in which the applicant has lived for a minimum of twelve months within the previous ten years.
  • Health Examinations: Adhering to the health regulations set forth by the Australian government.

It is imperative to bear in mind that the duration of processing for the 482 visa may differ based on various factors, such as the thoroughness of your application, the speed at which requests for additional information are responded to, and the duration required to conduct pertinent verifications. Typically, the charges consist of the following three components: visa application fee, sponsorship fee, and business nomination fee. Medical examinations, police clearances, translations, and the SAF Training Levy are all potential additional costs.

You are permitted to labor in Australia for your sponsoring employer while holding a 482 visa. You are not, nevertheless, permitted to work for other employers unless you transfer your visa or acquire a new one.

To obtain tailored guidance and professional opinion regarding the application process for a subclass 482 visa, it is advisable to retain the services of legal representation or consult with experienced immigration specialists.

Health Insurance Requirements for TSS Visa (Subclass 482)

GetMyPolicy is an online marketplace that facilitates the comparison and purchase of health insurance policies that meet the requirements for a number of Australian visas, including the 482 visa. It facilitates the acquisition of insurance in accordance with visa condition 8501, ensuring that foreign laborers in Australia are adequately covered for health-related expenses throughout their sojourn. This website offers a diverse selection of insurance plans from multiple providers, enabling users to select the plan that most effectively meets their requirements.

A TSS 482 visa holder is required to carry health insurance. A “sufficient” amount of coverage must be provided by the policy, per regulations of the Department of Home Affairs. To satisfy the requirements of their visa, visa holders are required to maintain health insurance throughout their stay. Health insurance providers, such as nib, offer policies that are customized to meet the specific requirements of international laborers and tourists in Australia, encompassing medical coverage and visa prerequisites. Obtain additional details regarding OVHC for TSS Visa (Subclass 482).

OccuSearch, a tool for finding visa-eligible occupations

OccuSearch is an application that assists users in locating 482 visa occupation listings that are acceptable for Australian visas. The application streamlines the procedure by enabling users to conduct occupation searches and assess their suitability by consulting pertinent occupation lists and specific visa prerequisites, including the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

Pathway to Permanent Residency (PR)

This visa offers eligible candidates a pathway to permanent residency, with a specific focus on those who qualify for the Medium-Term stream. Nevertheless, it is common for the short-term stream to not be promptly directed to PR, which presents a drawback.

Sponsorship and Pathway to Permanent Residency 

Sponsorship by a blood relative is not acceptable for this visa. It necessitates the assistance of a business or organization. Particularly over the medium to long term, sponsorship success can pave the way for permanent residency.

  1. What happens if 482 gets rejected? 

    If your TSS visa application gets rejected, you can either appeal to the relevant tribunal or re-apply for the visa. Appealing against the 482 Visa Refusal: You have the right to ask the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to review the decision to refuse your 482 visa in certain cases.

  2. What is temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482?

    This temporary visa lets an employer sponsor a suitably skilled worker to fill a position they can’t find a suitably skilled Australian to fill.

  3. Is it hard to get a 482 visa in Australia? 

    The 482 visa is one of the more complex under the Australian migration program so you may want to seek the assistance of a migration lawyer to ensure you address all the criteria for a positive outcome.

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