Aircraft Refueller Skill Jobs with Work VISA in New Zealand

Aircraft Refueller Skill Jobs

Have you ever thought about a job that lets you work at busy airports and keep planes flying? Welcome to the world of keeping planes running! These unknown heroes make sure that all flights leave on time and safely by putting fuel in the planes. In 2024, New Zealand will need more people like these airplane refueler workers because more people are flying and fuel efficiency has improved. Because of this shortage, there are great job chances for people from other countries who want to start over in a fun industry.

So, what do you need to do to work as an airplane fueler in New Zealand? To begin, you will need a driver’s license for a Class 4 or 5 heavy car with a dangerous goods endorsement. Remember that if you want to work at an airport, you need to have a clean crime record. As soon as you get hired, you’ll learn how to check the quality of the fuel and what to do in an accident on the job.

Check out this piece if you’re ready to apply. It will tell you why this job is important, why New Zealand needs you, what qualifications you need, and how to get this great job with a work visa. Ready to step up your job and see more of New Zealand? Allow us to begin!

Aircraft Refueler Pay:

At airports, people called airplane refuellers, also known as Kaiwhakakī Waka Rererangi, add fuel to planes. Most new refuellers make between $55,000 and $65,000 a year, but expert refuellers can make up to $75,000 a year. This pay is made up of a base rate and extra shift pay.

What You’ll Do:

  • Follow refuelling schedules
  • Maintain fuel transport vehicles
  • Fill aircraft with fuel
  • Check fuel for contaminants
  • Follow strict safety procedures
  • Communicate with pilots and airport ground crew

Working Conditions for Aircraft refuelers in New Zealand:

  • Eight to twelve-hour shifts, day or night.
  • Places: Terminal buildings, tarmacs, runways, and airports.
  • Weather: Do your job in a range of weather situations.
  • Travel: Getting from airports to gas stations in the same area.


  • Competitive Pay: In New Zealand, aircraft refuellers usually get paid competitive pay that is fair for their skills and duties.
  • Skill Development: As an airplane refueller, you can learn specialized skills in handling fuel, following safety rules, and servicing aircraft, which will help you do your job better.
  • Sponsorship of a Work Visa: Many companies in New Zealand will sponsor skilled workers’ work visas, which makes it easier for them to get legal jobs and live in the country.
  • Stable Career Opportunities: The aviation industry has steady job openings because airlines need skilled aircraft fuelers to run their businesses.
  • Quality of Life: New Zealand has a great quality of life thanks to its beautiful scenery, fun things to do outside, and friendly people.
  • Safety Standards: New Zealand has strict rules about safety and the environment in aviation. This makes sure that aircraft refuellers work in a safe and controlled atmosphere.
  • Networking Chances: People who work in the aviation business can make professional contacts in the field, which can help them move up in their careers in the future.

Eligibility Criteria for Aircraft Refueler Job Post (New Zealand)

  • License to Drive: A Class 4 or 5 heavy car license.
  • Dangerous Goods Endorsement: The Dangerous Goods mark is a “D” mark on your driver’s license that lets you carry dangerous goods.
  • Security Clearance: To work as a security guard at an airport, you need to have a clean crime record.


  • On-the-Job Training: At least six weeks of training that covers how to check the quality of the fuel, how much fuel to use, and how to stay safe.
  • Useful Experience: practice driving a truck, or knowledge of how to handle chemicals and dangerous goods are all useful skills.

Personal Attributes:

  • Smarts and the ability to think quickly.
  • Being able to work under stress.
  • Precise work and following a set plan.
  • Works well with others and on their own.
  • Being careful and having good speaking skills.

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Where to find Aircraft Refueller Jobs With Work VISA in New Zealand?

If you want to start a career refueling planes in New Zealand, here are some places where you can find jobs that will sponsor your work visa:

A lot of New Zealand’s airlines hire aircraft refuellers, either directly or through the service providers they have signed with. These are some of the most important airlines and how they might hire airplane fuelers:


There is a lot of competition for jobs as an aircraft refueller in New Zealand, but the job is satisfying, pays well, and there is a chance that the company will pay for your work visa. You can get a job in this important area if you meet the requirements and show that you have the right skills and traits. If you’re looking for a new challenge, you might want to look into jobs as an airplane refueller in New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average salary for airplane refuelers in New Zealand?

    In New Zealand, most people who refuel airplanes make between $55,000 and $65,000 a year. More skilled refuelers could make up to $75,000 a year.

  • What qualifications for an airplane refueler in New Zealand?

    You need a Class 4 or 5 heavy vehicle license with a dangerous goods endorsement and a clean criminal record to work as an airplane refueler in New Zealand.

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