Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Fiji For Foreigners

Jobs in Fiji For Foreigners

Jobs in Fiji that will pay for foreigners’ visas in 2024! It’s not hard to find work in Fiji. It might look hard to get a job in Fiji, but if you know what you need to do and have some help, it might not be too hard.

People from other countries are often allowed to come to a country to look for work. Many times, people need to be supported by a company that has officially offered them a job. When a company says that an employee can work for them, that person is legally allowed to live and work in that country.

These pages will tell you about jobs in Fiji that can help you get a work visa as a foreigner, the different types of work visas available in Fiji, and the steps you need to take to get one.

Jobs in Fiji that Sponsor Visas for Foreigners 2024

  • Van Sales Executive (Central)
  • Degree qualified Electronic Technician
  • Customer Engagement Specialists
  • Finance and Administration Assistant
  • Apprentice Joiner
  • Bar Tender
  • Service Coordination Team
  • Direct Sales & Activities operator
  • Boiler Operator – Fiji Dairy Pte Limited
  • Security Officer
  • Packer / Driver
  • Grounds men
  • IT Support Officer (Hardware)
  • General Manager – BPO ( Outsourcing )
  • Sales Executive – Suva

Can foreigners work in Fiji?

To work in Fiji, you may be required to get a Work Visa or Permit

Types of Work Visas in Fiji

Noncitizens can get different types of work permits, and the type of permit they need depends on the job they want to do.

  • Work permit: This standard pass lets you do any long-term job that isn’t in one of four groups. As a company, you must explain why you are not hiring a resident for this application.
  • Short-term work permit: This documentation applies to any job of one year or less.
  • Under education: This permission slip is needed for educational events and needs to be approved by the Ministry of Education, Heritage, and the Arts (MEHA).
  • Under religious: People who want to do religious work must first apply for this pass. People who want to work for a church do not need any endorsements, but they do need to be officially registered with that church.
  • Under volunteer: If someone wants to serve while they are abroad, they need this kind of permit. The industry doesn’t need to agree.

Fiji also lets people do things without permission for official or political reasons and gives business owners investment licenses. Also, it’s important to know that housing permits are not part of work permits. Your employees must first get the right paperwork to live in the country before they can apply for a work visa.

Requirements to Obtain Fiji Work Visas

The Fiji Immigration Department will need the following items from your employees when they apply for work visas:

  • Current Passport: The person applying must have a passport that is current and has enough time left on it to cover their stay in Fiji.
  • Arrival Card: When you enter Fiji, you must fill out and sign an arrival card.
  • Permission Letter: This is a letter of permission from the Fiji Immigration Department or from the potential company in Fiji. It is usually given as part of the process of applying for a work visa.
  • Physical Address in Fiji: A real address in Fiji is required from the applicant. This is where they will be living in Fiji.


  • Visa Sponsorship: The company takes care of the visa process, which makes it easier and cheaper for the foreign worker.
  • Relocation Assistance: A lot of companies offer moving packages that may include plane tickets, help finding a place to live, and money to help you get settled.
  • Competitive Pay: Jobs that support visas usually pay well, taking into account the cost of living and the skills and experience of the worker.
  • Health Insurance: Most employers offer health insurance, which makes sure that employees can get medical care.
  • Cultural Experience: Working in Fiji gives you the chance to learn about a unique and varied country with lots of traditions and friendly people.
  • Balance between work and life: Fiji is known for its laid-back way of life and beautiful nature surroundings, which help people find a good work-life balance.
  • Professional Growth: Working in Fiji can help you move up in your work and get better at your job, especially in fields that value foreign expertise.
  • Tax Benefits: Working in Fiji may have tax benefits for some people, depending on their home country and the tax rules there.
  • Networking Chances: Working in a global setting lets you build a professional network around the world, which can help your job prospects in the future.
  • Travel Opportunities: Because Fiji is in the South Pacific, it’s easy to visit nearby islands and countries, which makes living abroad even more fun.

Application Process

To apply for a work visa, you need to show a lot of paperwork and proof that you can legally work. The first step is for you and the job to fill out the application together. This step should be finished before the person comes, which means they should already have a job lined up with your company.

If you want to hire a noncitizen, you must fill out an application with the Immigration Department. After that, you’ll see an application that needs a few things from you. The following are attachments to the application:

  • Details about the position’s training program.
  • History of residence
  • A medical evaluation.
  • Evidence of English proficiency


It is possible for a stranger to get a job in Fiji in 2024 with the right help and planning. It is very important to know the different kinds of work visas that are out there and how to apply for them. Jobs in Fiji that support visas come with a lot of benefits, such as help with moving, competitive pay, health insurance, and the chance to advance in your career. It can be very rewarding to embrace the culture and find a good mix between work and life in Fiji. Foreigners can work and do well in Fiji as long as they take the right steps and meet the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can foreigners work in Fiji?

    Yes, foreigners can work in Fiji, but they need to obtain a work visa or permit.

  • What are the requirements to obtain a work visa in Fiji?

    People who want to apply must have a valid passport, an arrival card, a letter of permission from the Fiji Immigration Department or the possible employer, and a physical address in Fiji.

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